• 5 star review  Very discreet, very fast, super nice & price is reasonable! I love coming here, it’s always fast great service!

    thumb Victoria Luna
    November 2, 2021

    5 star review  Very clean front desk associate was very nice and helpful

    thumb greg belin
    November 9, 2021

    5 star review  Great service in and out no problem

    thumb Chris Jameson
    November 25, 2021

    5 star review  Fast service. Great customer service. Reliable

    thumb K
    November 9, 2021

    5 star review  Very friendly staff and helpful when I ddnt have the correct form. Nice music and beautiful decorations.

    thumb Erika Shelton
    November 9, 2021

    5 star review  Was super Happy To Know they where right where I lived , Did not have to far ! The services where quick and attentive!!! I will utilize their services for any of my background check needs !!!

    thumb Teanna Moore
    September 30, 2021

    5 star review  Great place and very helpful staff!

    thumb Brianna Garcia
    November 23, 2021

    5 star review  It was quick and easy, there was no long wait. I was able to fill out my information. Someone was ahead of me and then I was up. I went to the police station first and the wait was 2 hours . I came here and was in and out like I said 10 15 tops.

    thumb Bree
    August 30, 2021

    5 star review  I've been here several times, they are fast and efficient, I like how that they are discrete and respect privacy. Totally recommend.

    thumb Leonel Teran
    October 30, 2021

    5 star review  Very convenient walk-in policy, staff is always very friendly and helpful.

    thumb Crystal CS
    October 30, 2021

    5 star review  Great and fast service. Easy booking. Very professional, friendly and accommodating.

    thumb Arlenita Gomez-Croddy
    November 25, 2021

    5 star review  Very friendly and easy going

    thumb Jonathan Furlow
    November 9, 2021

    5 star review  Quick in and out, very polite great servics

    thumb Daniel graham
    November 25, 2021
  •   A1 fingerprinting came to be the easiest way possible to get your fingerprints for immigration or any other government entity, it will take you 10 min instead of going to the police station and wait all day long.
    Thank you A1

    thumb Rami H.

      Nice place and associate was very nice although the finger printing technician was running a couple minutes late. I highly recommend to come here for service and it's not that busy in the morning. I will definitely come and use this place again in the future if need be.

    thumb Eric G.

      Didn't catch her name, but the finger print technician was very friendly.
    Overall she was very informative and knowledgeable.
    Anyone looking for a fast service, I highly recommend this place.

    thumb Chison Y.

      Wonderful customer service! Felt very welcomed as soon as I entered. Walkins welcome. Very quick service. Not a very long wait.

    thumb Char I.

      Easy place to locate and fast service that allows walk-in appointments. I will be sending everyone here.

    thumb Andrelyn R.

      Worse place to get fingerprinting waited over 2 hours for people to walk around and look at me while they only have one person doing the job and rest are around eating lunch when they close at 4 pm. Was expected a quick visit even though 2 people were ahead of me and took them an hour to even start helping them. Expect o hangout here for an hour to two just for a fingerprint scan

    thumb Jordan F.

      Jen and adenike are the nicest ladies! The office is so clean. Comfortble couches while you wait. I got in and out for my fingerprints! Thank you adenike for printing out my paper because i forgot it! I appreciate it!

    thumb Vibiana C.

      Called at 3 o'clock to make ensure their office hours were correct.
    Rushed all the way here after work on a Friday to see that they are closed due to 'technical difficulties'.
    Every other fingerprinting place closes at 5pm so now I'm screwed until Monday. Won't return to this place.

    thumb Jaime P.

      What I do for a dollar...

    2 - 3 mins: Sign in, grab a form up front and fill out paperwork

    2 - 15 mins: Depends on the number of people, just call ahead for the waiting time.

    Payment and Paperwork Process:
    3 - 5 mins: Just show your filled form, Driver License, Yelp Discount Review, Payment method and additional requested paperwork.

    Fingerprints Processing:
    3 - 5 mins to get all grade "A" livescans for all the fingerprints

    Redoing Fingerprints (Bottleneck/Problem):
    7 - 10 mins: This is where the bottleneck of the whole process and takes the longest amount of time. My recommendation is probably replace the current fingerprint machine, software, or process because all the wasted time to redo fingerprints adds up on waiting time.

    Overall, I feel I could be in and out within 10 mins, but the the redo of fingerprints made it an unnecessary 20 - 30 mins process.

    thumb Phil C.

      Update: just came back for another set of prints. They have moved and the new location is EXTREMELY hard to find. I understand the location is new so they are still setting up but you walk into a huge foyer (which at the moment has a bunch of furniture that is being put together.) there is no one to greet you but there is a clip board on an unfinished table that you are apparently supposed to fill out a paper on. But again, no one to tell you that.
    When I finally found someone that was sitting inside an office talking on the phone, she let the women know she had 2 people waiting. I assume the person that's been sitting here from before I got here has been here a while. He's been on his phone (in a very echoing foyer which should have clued them that someone was waiting) and had since walked out. I had such high hopes for this company with such a great first experience. Hopefully all of this can be attributed to their brand new move (to a less convenient location.)

    This place was fantastic! They are still fairly new so they don't have signs up yet but it was still easy to find. There was little to no wait and the lady helping me was so nice! The prices are better than other places in town for fingerprinting. I will definitely only use them from now on for fingerprinting needs!!

    thumb Hava L.