Contractors Fingerprints | Fingerprinting for Contractors License

Looking for Contractors Fingerprints in North Las vegas Location? Aone fingerprinting service is the authorized vendor of Contractors Board Fingerprinting. Now the Nevada State Contractors Board Fingerprinting services offer three classes of contracting licenses like Class A, Class B and Class C. Individuals applying for Contractors Fingerprints in North Las Vegas for an initial contractor’s license or renewing a current license required to submit the fingerprints for a background check. We are the best Fingerprinting for contractor’s license in terms of fast service and best prices.

Nevada State Contractors Board Fingerprinting Services

In A1 fingerprinting services the process of contractors fingerprints can be done on two methods i.e., livescan and ink card. Livescan is the fastest way to process Contractors Board Fingerprinting. The Ink Card FD- 258 is the traditional process. Fingerprints and background checks of contractors are required by Nevada state law. In our Aone fingerprinting services we use cutting edge for high-quality fingerprints.

Nevada State Contractors Board Fingerprinting Services

Anyone applying for an initial contractor’s license, renewing a current license, or seeking additional licensure is required to have fingerprints submitted for a background check. A1 Fingerprinting is proud to be an authorized fingerprint vendor for the Nevada State Contractors Board. Nevada currently offers three classes of contracting licenses:

Class A: General Engineering Contractor License
Class B: General Building Contractor License (most common type for general contractor work like repairs, construction, refurbishing, and related tasks for buildings and other structures)
Class C: Specialty Contractor License