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A1 Fingerprinting Services is a leading provider of Live Scan and ink fingerprinting services as well as hard cards. We have cutting-edge technology that provides fast, accurate, and direct submission to state and federal law enforcement. Do you own a business? Do your new hire employees require Fingerprint background checks for employment? Not only do we offer our services to individuals, but also to the companies hiring them. At A1 fingerprinting we provide Fingerprinting services in Las Vegas to a wide array of industries.  For more information on getting the lowest rate for Fingerprint background checks, Fingerprinting Services and other employment screening services, CALL US!

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Fingerprinting in Las Vegas

A1 Fingerprinting Services is a Nevada-approved laboratory providing employment drug screenings. We have a legal services division that refers to a civil and criminal attorney and provides notary services. A1 Fingerprinting Services puts customer support first and we pride ourselves in working hard and being thorough to make your experience positive. Contact us today and let us help you get top-notch Fingerprinting in Las Vegas, united states. our professional team of Fingerprinting Services carry out everything from Ink Fingerprinting Services and Notary Finger Printing Services to fingerprint background checks and Fingerprint Criminal Record Research inquiries.