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Aone Fingerprinting Services of Las Vegas offers the highest quality Ink Fingerprinting at a reasonable price. At Aone Ink Fingerprinting Services las vegas we offer superior, prompt and accurate fingerprinting services at an affordable price. our professional Ink Fingerprinting Service provider team can capture your fingerprints electronically or in a specific format as asked.  Fd-258 Fingerprint Card is the traditional method of fingerprint collection. The entire staff of our Ink Card Fingerprinting Services is well trained on a state and federal level. We provide Fd-258 Fingerprint Card for the Board of Nursing, Department of Education, Real Estate Division, Gaming, Contractors Board and etc. In our Ink Fingerprinting Services, the process can be done most efficiently by Fd-258 Fingerprint Card.

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The Ink Fingerprinting Card appointment pricing is completely different for first-class mail, priority mail, and express mail. Fingerprint ink Las Vegas is a traditional way of capturing fingerprints and printing them onto a card. To avoid rejection of fingerprints due to low-quality images the Aone Fingerprinting Services uses a livescan scanner system to capture high-quality fingerprints. The Ink Fingerprinting typically takes 5 – 10 minutes until all of your Ink Fingerprinting Nevada has been captured. To get Ink Fingerprinting Services near Me, one should need to submit valid state or federally issued identification.

Ink Fingerprinting Services in las vegas

The Ink fingerprinting Services captures fingerprints on FD-258 (FBI) Cards, FINRA Cards, NFA, SF-87, Level 1 Clearance Cards and State-Specific Cards. We have years of experience in Ink Fingerprinting in the Las Vegas, Nevada location. if you are looking for ink fingerprinting locations near me Contact us for any queries related to the Ink Fingerprinting Services, and our technician will respond with a time. Ink Fingerprinting is a longer process when compared to electronic fingerprint submissions. The Fd-258 Fingerprint Card takes 8 – 18 weeks depends on the location. for any future assistance related to Fingerprinting in Las Vegas contact us, we are happy to help. 

Ink Fingerprinting Services

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  • Fingerprint cards may have been given to you but if not, we have you covered! We carry Ink card fingerprinting near me FD-258 Cards if you are in need of your prints. Ink Cards/FD-258’s is commonly used for Immigration, out of state licensure, court-ordered background checks, and other forms of employment.  If you require this service, please bring in any paperwork given to you so we can meet the specifications of what is required.
  • FD-258’s takes longer to process due to the mailing process, along with the time needed to receive and process properly. These forms of prints can take 8-18 weeks depending on location and jurisdiction. We would recommend, if you have the option to do electronic fingerprints, to go that route.