Drug Screenings & Testing 

Aone fingerprinting Services provides Drug screenings for the detection of Drugs and Alcohol in employers and/or personal testing. Employment Drug Screenings has to be an essential part of any drug policy in the workplace. We are offering the Drug Testing Services guarantee the fast results and low cost for your Drug and Alcohol Screenings.  To know more talk to our professionals regarding the Drug Testing Purpose, Types, and Procedure. Visit us for Urine drug Screening, our lab has located at 2048 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89030. Are you looking for drug and alcohol screenings services? Reach us, we are providing the best customer service and Drug screenings.

Drug Screenings Online | Professional Drug Testing

Under the current Nevada Laws, Employers are allowed to require Employment Drug Screenings for employment. The most common Drug screenings used by employers of Las Vegas are 10-Panel UDS which can be performed within a minutes. Aone fingerprinting services have been conducting Concentra dot drug screenings from many years and have talented technicians ready to help you always. Looking for Pre Employment Drug Screening Test, visit our office, you are in good hands with us.

Drug screenings

Professional Drug Screenings for Jobs

A-1 Fingerprinting Services offers drug screenings for employers and/or personal testing.  We offer a 10-Panel UDS which is a urine drug screening performed within minutes. We have a lab located at the following office:  2048 N Las Vegas Blvd. North Las Vegas, NV 89030.  We have been performing mobile drug screenings for years and have experienced staff to help assist in this process.

Reasons one might need Drug Screenings done?

Drug screening is the process by which potential drugs are identified using high-throughput experiments to bring accurate results. Potential drug candidates must undergo a battery of tests that involves high-throughput screening of chemical libraries against specific molecular targets. at A1 fingerprinting our professional’s conduct thorough testing to provide you with precise results.  anyone can get the drug screening irrespective of any factor, following are the general reasons one might need a drug test check. 

  • Pre-Employment
  • DOT Random Check
  • DOT Post-Accident
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Return to Duty
  • Family Wellness