Fraud in Workplace

A1 Fingerprinting Services offers drug screening, fingerprinting, and background checks for employees. These are important steps in making employees aware that precautions against fraudulent schemes are in effect and creates an environment of awareness. Managers are busy with job routines and are not aware of the opportunities which present themselves to an employee who may be living above his/her means, or is involved with debts, drugs, or gambling. Business fraud losses are estimated at $652 billion annually. The fraudster has usually worked for the business for 10 years in 37% of cases and has gone after cash in 90% of the incidents.

A1 Fingerprinting Services is a leader in drug testing, fingerprinting, and background checks, using state of the art methods and equipment to help ensure a safe and secure workplace for all employees.

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Children’s Fingerprinting as a Safety Precaution

A1 Fingerprinting Services can fingerprint your children which is recommended by many law enforcement officials. Fingerprinting is the preferred method of identification by the FBI and can be an important step in keeping your child safe.

Approximately 1 out of 68 children has been identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Almost half of these children may exhibit wandering behavior which can put them at risk. Children’s fingerprinting helps to identify them quickly and allows them to be returned safely to their families. We can provide Child ID fingerprint kits. Once your child is fingerprinted, you keep the child’s fingerprint card and identification information.

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