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A1 Fingerprinitng has been recognised as one of the best DNA fingerprinting /Live scan fingerprinting offices in North Las Vegas. Getting the fingerprinting done is a must for getting a job or for legal purposes or forensic reasons. Whatever be your reasons to get your fingerprinting done, A1 fingerprinting North Las Vegas is the ideal place to visit. Our staff's are professionally and technically well trained and has a good reputation for good customer relations.
Our office in North Las Vegas is located very near to the important city landmarks. We have so far become the most perfect place for Dna fingerprinting, North Las Vegas.

Our state of art lab and high technical expertise will guarantee you an error free DNA fingerprinting North Las Vegas everytime. So if you are looking for DNA fingerprinting in North Las Vegas, you can schedule an appointment by clicking the” appointment button” on the left hand side or you can call us directly and fix the appointment.

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